We have a thread in our forums in which some of our players have gotten pretty deep into their charcters and written a whole backstory detailing who they are and how they ended up in Eorzea.  Were they born there?  Did they come from Vanadiel?  Why are they the job they are?  How did they end up in their home cities?  Find out the answers to these questions in these wonderful stories written by our very own.

Born by the name of Kaiser Leospike in the coldest regions of Coerthas, he is descended from an ancient royal family that lived long before the Calamity began. His family had the a[...]
  A son of noble parents, Sod Ransom comes from a land far away from Eorzea. Not holding any value for material wealth and possessions, Sod did not follow in the path that his[...]
RIGEL’S STORY I’m, like, the older brother – I came first. I’m just 10 months older, not even a year. Dad didn’t waste any time, I’ll give ‘im that. But having Kai, so soon a[...]