Boco the Choco

Boco was miserable. One minute, he was nestling by a fire in the Sagolii Desert, and the next thing he knew, he was drowning in sea water. Chocobos don’t swim, much less fly! Ree’k[...]
It was the evening before the culmination of Eorzea’s Starlight Celebration. The Sagolii Desert sands were bathed in the cold, pale light of Eorzea’s moons. Four figures sat close [...]
  Boco huddled closer to Moogaloo and Ree’ku, trying to get warm. Who would have thought that desert nights could be so cold! He ruffled his wings, only to make himself more m[...]
A shape rose out from under a pile of straw, scattering the stuff in all directions. Ree’ku saw a medium-sized young chocobo, and heard it reply (again, in perfect Ixali): “T[...]
FFXIV:ARR Eorzean Tales Series Boco: Behind Enemy Lines By Robotrek Chaos Theory Free Company April 2014 Ma’tree’skuu tore the opo-opo carcasses apart, picking out the unclean inte[...]

CT Member Showcase: Artists Galore

Our Free Company has some talented artists who have agreed to strut their stuff!

The lovely and talented Nameia presents the beginning of a photographic journey across the known lands of Hydaelin, featuring herself and Kim, her dashing husband.  Enjoy the beaut[...]

Character Bios

Some of our members have given back-stories to their characters. We think you will find these stories quite entertaining and captivating!