You’ve spent hours thinking about the best armor to wear to this fight, the best job to be, the best weapon to equip. You know the stats you need to beef up. You get with your party and you begin the fight. This Boss is history!

But the healer’s spells are not restoring enough HP, the Black Mage’s firepower is recasting too slowly, your tank isn’t packing enough punch. And just as the Boss’s HP goes beautifully critical, it lets loose an attack that would not have wiped you out – if you had just had 50 more HP…

If you paid attention – complete attention – to getting ready for battle, you would have eaten the right stuff to keep you alive. And equipped food to your hotbar. The right food gives you an extra edge that might very well win the battle, if not keep you alive. Food buffs do NOT stack – one buff is all you get. So you must choose wisely. There are several websites that can give you information. I’m not going to re-invent the menu. So here are a few examples of what you’ll find:



Healers: Food, Stats and Potions


*Piety: Affects maximum mana points

*Mind: Affects healing magic potency

Spell Speed: Affects both the casting and recast timers for spells. The higher the value, the shorter the timers.

Healing Magic Potency: Affects the amount of HP restored by healing spells.

Determination: Affects the amount of damage dealt by both physical and magic attacks, as well as the amount of HP restored by healing spells. Auto-Attack potency is also affected.


Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Ponzecake

Mulled Tea

Pastry Fish

Apple Juice


Chamomile Tea

*Grape Juice



DD/DPS foods in order of potential critical hit rating

These are listed from highest to lowest maximum critical hit gain.

  1. Apkallu Omelette (+3%, Max. 22)
  2. Deviled Eggs (+4%, Max. 19)
  3. Scrambled Eggs (+6%, Max. 10)
  4. Black Truffle Risotto (+2%, Max. 9)
  5. Lava Toad Legs (+2%, Max. 9)
  6. Buttons in a Blanket (+2%, Max. 8)
  7. Fried Eggs (+7%, Max. 8)
  8. Stuffed Cabbage (+2%, Max. 7)
  9. Mustard Eggs (+7%, Max. 6)
  10. Dodo Omelette (+8%, Max. 5)
  11. Mugwort Carp (+2%, Max. 5)
  12. Antelope Steak (+2%, Max. 2)
  13. Salmon Meuniere (+2%, Max. 2)
  14. Mole Loaf (+2%, Max. 2)
  15. Boiled Egg (+8%, Max. 2)
  16. Grilled Trout (+1)

DD/DPS foods in order of potential skill speed

These are listed from highest to lowest maximum skill speed gain.

  1. Sauteed Coeurl (+4%, Max. 22)
  2. Eft Steak (+4%, Max. 21)
  3. Jerked Beef (+4%, Max. 14)
  4. Smoked Raptor (+6%, Max. 10)
  5. Aldgoat Steak (+7%, Max. 8)
  6. Antelope Steak (+8%, Max. 6)
  7. Grilled Raincaller (+2%, Max. 6)
  8. Grilled Dodo (+8%, Max. 4)
  9. Mole Loaf (+8%, Max. 2)
  10. Marmot Steak (+8%, Max. 2)
  11. Grilled Carp (+2%, Max. 2)
  12. Grilled Warmwater Trout (+2%, Max. 2)
  13. Braised Pipira (+1)

DD/DPS foods in order of potential determination

These are listed from highest to lowest maximum determination gain.

  1. Black Truffle Risotto (+3%, Max. 14)
  2. Buttons in a Blanket (+4%, Max. 8)
  3. Button Mushroom Saute (+4%, Max. 10)
  4. Raptor Stew (+6%, Max. 8)
  5. Forest Miq’abob (+7%, Max. 6)
  6. Chicken and Mushrooms (+8%, Max. 3)
  7. Aldgoat Steak (+2%, Max. 2)
  8. Fried Egg (+2%, Max. 2)
  9. Dodo Omelette (+1)

If you have any questions about food, pm one of Chaos Theory’s many level 50 Chefs.


Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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