The first thing to note when entering Casa de Chaos Theory, is the dark wood flooring. This is traditional Glade wood flooring and is made from walnut logs harvested from the deep forests of the South Shroud. This flooring runs throughout the entire estate. The walls are also traditional Glade walls made from the same walnut. There is a Moogle Rug, a two-star craft using Vanya silk, underfoot and an aromatic Morbol Chandelier overhead. The Morbol Chandelier is delicately scented with a very rare extract of morbol saliva.

The main level of the house is open concept to facilitate entertaining. There is a banner for each of the 3 nations of Eorzea. The Gridanian banner is placed central as this season’s furnishings celebrate the Gridanian heritage of carpentry and leatherworking. Under the banner, is a table crafted in the Sylph fashion by master goldsmith Zepheris. It is diminutive, scaled to a sylph’s small stature. It is made of wrought electrum and blush pink Slyphic silk, which can only be obtained by adventurer’s recognized by the Sylph nation. The silver and brass Weighing Scale is a tribute to Chaos Theory’s policy of treating its members fairly and equally. Two Glade Lamps flank this piece.

Near the stairs, you’ll find the dining area. All the furniture in this area is made of South Shroud harvested walnut and is in the Glade style. Aside for the cushions on the benches, which are dyed an olive green, these pieces are unfinished to highlight the beautiful grain of South Shroud walnut. The flowers on the on the table are a traditional Shroud arrangement. There is a Mandragora Floor Lamp illuminating a dark corner. Note the miniature Magitek Reaper, lovingly crafted in Garland ironwork. An Inferno Wall Lamp glares down on the otherwise tranquil dining area.

On the opposite end of the room, is a round Glade couch and armchairs which are examples of traditional Gridanian leatherwork in raptor leather. A Glade Table, Lamp and Bench complete the Gridanian motif. The Behemoth Wall Trophy commemorates Chaos Theory’s triumph over the mighty Behemoth! A Tonberry Floor Lamp, a one-star craft, lurks menacingly in a corner. This area is designed to be a spot for gathering and comfortable conversation.

The upper stair landing features gilded Slyph furnishings and Glade Bloom rug. The Slyph pieces were crafted and donated to Chaos Theory by mastergoldsmith Zepheris. A Glade Pendant Lamp graces the upstairs celing.

The upstairs bedroom contains a mix of Slyph and Glade furniture. Again, several of the Slyph pieces in the room were crafted by Zepheris. The Glade rug and bed were crafted by Nyena. There is a cuddly Stuffed Moogle on the Slyphic table. The soothing pinks and greens in this room will ensure that even the weariest adventurer gets a good night sleep!

Across the way, is a Glade style bath. The Glade wardrobe was crafted by master carpenter Temujin. The Glade bathtub is spacious and allows for multiple bathers.

The Vortex room comprises of trophy couches made from feathers plucked from the primal Garuda and her extreme incarnation. A Belah’dian Crystal Lamp festoons the wall. The lamp is crafted from Belah’dian glass, gathered from the Sunken Temple of Qarn.

A Diagnostics Module and Seating Module crafted from salvaged ADS components round out the upstairs. This area can currently be used as an office. The addition of more Seating Modules will transform it into a war room!

Downstairs, the main space is designed to be a bar and lounge, though the bar turned out a little more Knights of the Round Table than desired. A Knight Captain’s Chair and an Inferno Wall Lamp were added to complete the theme. This area might be turned into a kitchen with the addition of a Cooking Stovetop in 2.2. The Serpent Ceiling Fan & Lamp was donated by Tulaq.

The lounge area features leather Glade Armchairs crafted by Zepheris, a Round Glade Table crafted by Temujin and a Fringed Glade Rug crafted by Nyena. A green Slyphic Screen, also crafted by Zepheris, complements the décor. An Amigo Cactus Floor Lamp, a two-star craft, illuminates the downstairs merry making.

The downstairs bedroom again features walnut Glade furnishings. The bathroom, however, is done in the Rivera style. It contains a Rivera Bathtub, Wardrobe, Chair and Rug. The Galleas Wheel on the wall completes the nautical theme. The downstairs bathroom is a preview of the summer housing theme which embraces the salt, sand and possibly tequila of the pirate nation of Limsa Lomsa. Please look forward to it!

Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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