Fear, anxiety and dread were just a few of the emotions painted across the faces of the members of Chaos Theory as they entered Casa de Chaos.  Their posh but mysterious Aesthetician Emirii Mei had transformed their cozy abode into a dank, foreboding hotspot of doom. Smiles and laughter still echoed through the halls; yet with a hint of forcefulness that attempted to cover their subtle inherent fear of their surroundings.

As Emirii describes: “There’s creepy cafe to sit and relax and enjoy your favorite Miquo-bob. There’s also a sitting area where you might think it to be warm and fuzzy, but yet interestingly, has a cold and creepy feeling to it! Upstairs is an alter where you might try to talk to the dead, and a meeting room… Who knows what kind of gatherings they had there! The basement.. well.. that’s still a mystery to me.”

With every turn, purposefully placed relics of spooky design lurked in shadowy corners. Recounting her efforts, Emirii regaled us with the fruits of her labors.

“…I wanted to make a “haunted house” sort of thing, with lights and shadows every turn… The gargoyles were also really fun, and happen to match up with the carpet and the entryway perfectly. I wanted you to be spooked from the second you walked in! The coffin is also pretty ominous… If you ring the summoning bell, will you wake the dead sleeping inside? The most challenging thing was when my aspirations for shadows all-over were crushed by the indirect lighting limit of 2. At that point, I had already crafted about 6 indirect stand and floor lights, so I was super disappointed. I had to get really creative.”

Then, magic happened! I noticed what happened to the shadows when I placed the demon wall on top of the chandeliers when the chandeliers lights were on, so I decided to try to point the indirect lighting at the chandeliers with the lights off, and it made a super creepy cross shadow of the demon wall’s hands on the roofs! Perfect!”

Halloween 9

Blown away by the creativity of her work, members of Chaos Theory rose to the occasion as they took it upon themselves to match her style with flare all their own. Ranging anywhere from ghastly to goofy, Chaos Theory put on a show that will be forever etched in the memories of those in attendance. Of the contestants that filled her haunted halls, Emirii shared:

” The contest was tons of fun! All of the costumes were simply amazing, and pushed the imagination of the haunted house. We had fabulous models posed on top of the pillars, Harley Quinn and Joker’s laugh echoing thru the halls, Link from Legend Of Zelda destroying the potted plants, a mysterious chocobo plushie, whom I swore I saw breathing on the mantle… and sooo much more!! It was very hard for Rydia, Skitzo and I to choose winners. I think everyone was prize-worthy! Overall, we went with White Aura, who was the plushie chocobo on the mantle as the winner. It was a good 3 minutes before I noticed her on the mantel, I think. Runner up was Link, who was Lianardo De’lorean – “Kid Link” I would put it! It was too adorable, and the accuracy was impeccable. He even had the sword and shield, and was terrorizing our potted plants! We also had 4 housing entries. The winner of the housing contest was Ikumi Fukiku with a very haunted “manor” apartment, and runner-up Cynder’fox Reyna, with a lighthearted and fun Halloween decorated apartment!”

Turning our attention to the winners of the contest, you can see our interviews with them here. Lianardo De’loraen was happy to share his own experience. Firstly he told us what inspired him for his costume, a dashing Lala Link! 
“Really, I was initially thinking I’d just come in as my current Halloween glam and say I was a Red Mage, mostly because I just like the look and idea, but about an hour before the contest I was scanning through my crafting log and spotted the Cresent Moon Cone. I thought that kind of hat was only from a holiday event but seeing that there and remembering the other good Link costumes I’ve seen I immediately dropped 300k for the hat mats and then found that I had everything else I needed in my Armory chest, so win!

I loved doing Toon link because while I’ve seen plenty of Link cosplays running around none were Lalas, and then that let me do the Four Swords photoshop above! I also immensely enjoyed myself at the event and can’t wait for whatever the next one is going to be!”

When asked what his favorite part of the event was, he explained:

“Easily being in Teamspeak during the costume contest, it was so fun meeting up and showing off costumes and then hearing the judge’s responses when discovering what everyone was in, and for my part tricking Rydia into thinking I had a Red Mage costume, only to blindside him with toon link. :P

Everyone finally discovering where White was hiding was also gold! “

Lastly, as for his favorite costume, Lianardo told us:

“I really liked White’s costume, mostly because of how well she hid, but I’ve got to say my favorites out of everybody present were Reaper and Bravd(I think?) as Jokers, the cosplay was perfect and part of me wanted to see the 2 pairs of Joker/Harlequin’s that were initially present!”

Next up we had Xeliar Andrei’i, donning a beautiful assortment of earthly toned robes complimented with a Garuda style Grimoire.

When asked what inspired her costume, she explained:

“Well i like a lot Elf and Gridanian stuff and i find this crown with leaves and i knew that i need to a glamour with that crown and the idea of a Sch with Gridanian theme pop and that how i find my costume ^^ ”

For her favorite part of the event, we were told “hmm really playing with all the guys was my favorite part ^^ ”

When asked what her favorite costumes were, she said “Cynder and Bravd Costume, They look really cool.”

Shifting focus yet again, we now move on to Cynder who put on quite a performance as Harley Quinn. http://i.imgur.com/UsULVCY.png

When asked for her favorite part of the event, she said

“I enjoyed everyone that participated and was on talking and laughing. It was a good night :)

As for what inspired her own costume, she explained “I had quite a few choices to go through, Strawberry Shortcake and Lara Croft were the other ones that I almost did but doing Harley and Joker was just too perfect to me.”

For her own favorite costumes, she told us “I really liked the Link costume, and White had a great set up for her costume too.”

Last but certainly not least, we have White Aura who fooled nearly everyone in her Chocobo outfit nestled comfortably next to her plush little friends.

As for her favorite part of the event, she shared “Everyone dressing up and hanging out at the house.”

Regarding what inspired her costume, she explained “Mine was a total random back up after I saw how cute someone else was.”

Finally for her own favorite costumes, she told us “I really liked the 2 jokers!

And there you have it! After much fright and frivolity, Chaos Theory concludes yet another successful event in the wake of all hallow’s eve. What new chapters and stories shall await our creative ranks? Only time will tell – and we will all (please) look forward to it in the months to come!




Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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