I love to do crossword puzzles. That didn’t quite prepare me to make one. This template is the result of an hour-long web search. Take it from me: no matter how hard it might be to solve, it’s twice as hard to come up with it. I hated using acronyms, but I was running out of time and patience. So, enjoy the first ‘place-names’ puzzle, and forgive me my short-cuts.


1. You’re in this if you’re not in the money
5. Merits
10. Pitched a ball
15. Crustacean
19. Chevy model
20. Popular vodka
21. Agents of Shield Inhuman
22. Prefix pertaining to wine
23. Jerome Kilty play, DEAR ____
24. This town also appears in FFVII
26. Fashionista Ms. Mode in The Incredibles
27. Cactrot statue in the Gold Saucer
29. They get put alongside addresses
30. Found in Tiny Town
32. A heavy blow
33. Voice of Carl Fredricksen in Disney’s UP
34. In Japan, your lunch goes in here
35. Frank Herbert’s name for a human computer
37. Leave out
38. A region of Eorzea, home to Silvertear Lake
41. Golden blood of the Gods
42. He had a spire named after him (North Shroud)
45. Plural of oasis
46. Japanese pond fish
47. “Spare a rod, _____ _ _____.”
49. Expected Years of Life Lost (acronym)
50. Right now!!!
51. “ ___’_ Well That Ends Well” by Shakespeare
53. Chaos Theory’s Home Base Location
57. Popular Sci-Fi MMO
58. Dungeon
60. Song by Sarah McLachlan
61. OperationsArea (acronym)
63. 1972 Film starring Anthony Perkins, “_____ ___ As It Lays”
64. Magic Amulet in “The Neverending Story”
66. Late American Actress Patricia
67. Shouts in disdain again
70. A curl or twist
71. First dungeon in FFXIV
75. Chinese language dialect
76. It was this holy man’s discovery
80. Mr. Lee of Comic Book fame
81. Alabama Department of Senior Services (acronym)
83. English version of the Gaelic name ‘Niall”
84. Western State elected official (abbrev.)
85. Band made popular by hit “If You Leave”
87. Chocolate powder
89. La Noscea Checkpoint
91. Ms. Chaplin and Ms. Laurence
93. A peaceful Camp
95. having the power or skill to do something
96. Middle Eastern furniture store
97. Awaken
98. Legolas’ best friend
100. Norwegian King
101. Several saw-like parts
103. Musical beat, or rhythm
104. A crossing near Ul’dah is named for this critter
107. A suffix added for humor’s sake or jocularity.
108. Area in Central Thanalan
111. Name of a fruit
112. Ancient Japanese tribe
113. One of the five basic tastes, first named in 1985
114. Eorzeans Getting Angry About Acronyms (acronym – this was my final answer when creating this puzzle
115. A layer or level
116. It isn’t more
117. Senegalese TV network
118. “____ __ Blind” song by Jay Brannan
119. Type of Gin


1. Disney Chip’s partner
2. Anagram of vile
3. Lighthouse in Thanalan
4. Canadian city
5. Accompany, officially
6. It’s between this one and that one
7. Add an ‘s’ and it’s Italian for ‘red’
8. Bible edition (acronym)
9. Voor _____ _____
10. TV series set in New Orleans
11. More robust
12. Regional Information Sharing Systems (acronym)
13. Pioneer of ambient music & glam-rocker Brian
14. Resident quirky genius of TV series Fringe
15. Region of Eorzea featuring the longest place name in FF history
16. Settlement with a nasty kobold problem
17. _________ Domini
18. Drops skin for making leather
25. He wrote about Hell
28. TV write/producer Norman and family
31. Prefix meaning within
34. Manufacturer of Sports sunglasses
35. Variant of Michael
36. Oregon State Park
37. Argentine footballer
38. Popular toast, or singer Ms. Moore
39. Scottish Island
40. Runescape boss, ________ Frostweb
42. Very young horses
43. Wants a lot, in an annoying way
44. Name meaning God of Peace
48. “That guy ______ _ mean guitar!”
52. You store grain here, or a big missile
54. Cult movie Donnie _______
55. “Now _______ ___ feel his secret murders sticking on his hands” Shakespeare’s Macbeth
56. An argument
59. Ski Town in New Mexico
62. “ _______, poor Yorick. I knew him, Horatio.” Shakesepare’s Hamlet
64. Hebrew name for Ethan
65. Say it, or suffer!
66. Mother of pearl
67. Respond to stimuli
68. Forest Moon in Star Wars 3
69. The settlement is named after this guy, who’s the Bartender
70. Genuflect
71. Room, in Paris
72. One of four Ishgardian Watchtowers
73. Turkish bath
74. “ ____ __ It Goes” Billy Joel song
77. In cinema, refers to a movie not made by a major studio.
78. Ishgard could use one very big one
79. Based in India, a chain store for Silks
82. Having a resonating, deep voice
85. This bear is facing extinction
88. Blue nickname for one of the Cheetah Girls
90. Seductive women
92. Causes one to lose motivation or interest
94. When lost, a map or compass would prove to be this
96. “_______ _ Komo Mai” song from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch
98. Global Electrodynamic Coupling through the Middle Atmosphere (acronym)
99. E-mail’s less traceable cousin
100. A razor-sharp precept is named for him.
101. Bergman film “The Seventh _____”
102. One of the Great Lakes
103. Russia’s ______ Nicholas
104. Use a dagger
105. Margarine
106. National Institute of Relationship Enhancement (acronym)
109. Without this, a meme would be just a letter!
110. Once upon a time

Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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