Prior to Heavensward, it was suggested that we decorate Casa del Chaos in a style celebrating the upcoming release of Heavensward. At the time, we suspected that Heavensward would take place in Ishgard. We also knew that Astrologian would be one of the jobs added in the expansion. So we put the two together and came up with a theme of the Astrologian Guild in Ishgard. And a house redecorating project was born!

When I started this project, the Gates of Judgement where still closed and it was not possible to travel to the Astrologian Guild in Ishgard. Instead, I ventured to Coerthas Central Highlands and toured the castles and fortresses in Camp Dragonhead and Whitebrim for inspiration. I also visited the First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomenal, thinking that Astrologians might feel at home there. Much to my chagrin, most of the furniture and housing items in Coerthas were not and still are not in the game as useable furniture. So I did the my best to capture the essence of these areas by using lots of cold stone, functional furniture, bobs and bits of scientific looking equipment, and stacks and stacks of books.

Scholarly Nook

Here you see the first floor study nook. It’s a scholarly retreat with tomes and microscopes! Note the pre-expansion clothes on our FC compadres.

Map Table and Sod's Desk

There is a very big map table at Camp Dragonhead, so here we have a scaled down version. It’s cold and snowy in Coerthas, so even though this was a spring/summer decorating scheme, I decided to add a working stonework fireplace. Sod’s desk includes a regal chair behind an imposing desk similar in composition to the Ishgardian royalty’s thrones. Looming behind Sod’s desk is a Vodoriga Sculpture, crafted from Amdapori Stone from Amdapor Keep.


Upstairs, we have a workbench for those with astrological and astronomical inclinations.


And a cozy lounge area for discussing the meaning of life, the universe and everything. The Gargolye Sculpture does not originate in Coerthas (it’s from Haukke Manor) but it does add a certain gloomy flair which is very Camp Dragonhead. Behemoth has it’s dominion in Coerthas, so it is fitting to mount its head on our wall.


Downstairs, we have a banquet area for fete-ing visiting Ishgardian nobility. The Demon Wall Sculpture is also crafted from Amdapori Stone. I don’t really love this piece (because it’s missing the 2 gnats) but Amdapor Keep is Coerthanian hot spot.


Eventually, I was able to visit the actual Astrologian Guild in the Foundation. Our rendition of the guild reads a little more stark than this space but I think the stone walls of Casa del Chaos capture the Coerthanian influence.


Even though the facade is post expansion, it had to be included here because it’s beautiful.  I just love it!  Thank you to everyone who donated or crafted components for this endeavor! We were the first ones on the block to have this highly covetable exterior!

Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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