Born to a wondering miqo’ te. A new member of nomad group. Her childhood was anything but normal. Her so called clan had a fascination with dead things. Often she found herself on a recent battlefield. Her elders would claim the belongings of the dead, only after giving a blessing to the god of souls. The other members of the clan would then bury the bodies even those of the animals. The locals tend to call this nomad clan, Death Followers.

After reaching the adult age she had already begun to help with burials. They came upon a village early in the morning that the imperials had slaughtered. The ritual began as normal the elders began praying and removing belongings. Agoda and the rest began digging graves. On this hot summer day a fog set in, morning had passed. The sun at noon high an imperial squad had returned. The imperials with swords drawn charged on the Death Followers. The elders were the first to receive their blades. The other Death Followers began to retreat only to be met with arrows and mech. Those who were not of the dead were taken as prisoners to be slaves, Agoda was amongst them.

Some time had passed, Agoda found herself in the hull of a large vessel, a boat to cross the seas. Her ankles chained to the floor, her hands and wrist bloody and chained to an oar, she struggles to keep up with the pace of the drummer’s beat. A month passes on the boat, little has she ate or drank, she hears the trumpet blown. The first explosion destroyed not only her oar but the hull in which she sat near. Her ears ringing, while men carrying axes and pistols, chanting words, their faces hidden behind scraps of cloth and thier eyes filed with glory and excitement, defeated the imperials. The slaves jumping from the boat while others were claimed as prizes. Agoda hid under the debris that her ankle was still shackled to. The pirates destroyed what remained of the ship. Agoda hung tight to wooden pieces of debris.

She floated along for two days…cold, wet and close to death.  A merchant’s ship Eorzea-bound brought her aboard, tended to her wounds and gave her food. Upon  arriving in Eorzea for her first time, the merchant took Agoda as far as Gridania, giving her nothing but a bow and some clothes.

After finding her way into the Adventures Guild she was hesitant to sign. After some time and persuasion she signed the name Agoda Death to pay tribute to her fallen family.

After  some short time and barely into the training of her bow, the Calamity had happened. She who had taken up arms to help this foreign country now finds herself in a new realm. This is where she has grown to know the free company Chaos Theory. Her adventures await and she is Heavensward bound. Only time will tell how far she will grow.

Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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