1) What was the first video game you ever played?
Pong on an Atari 2600

2) What are some of your favorites games, past & present?
I have loved so many games but these are the ones I remember the most.
Pong, Super Mario World, Chrono Cross/Trigger, Final Fantasy (all), Earthbound, Anachronox, Dues Ex, System Shock 2, I could keep going but I think you get the idea.

3) What is your preferred platform, PC or console?
Both? I have always been a PC gamer even back to my first PC 8086 running Dos 3.1 but there have always been console exclusives so I have owned almost every console.

4) Do your friends or family or co-workers know you like MMO’s?
All three groups know.

5) What, in your opinion, makes a great video game?
Great writing, and if it is voice acted great voice acting too.


1) What currently is your favorite job/class in the game?
MRD – its all I know but I got a big axe :)

2) Do you have a favorite race, and if so, why?
Miqo’te … do I really need to explain why?

3) What single job/class, if any, would you like to see added?
….not sure

4) What, outside of the above, would you like to see in Eorzea?
…not sure

5) What do you like most about the game?
Its hard to put into words but there is a feel to the game. It doesn’t feel like other MMOs and I really enjoy that.


1) What is your impression of Chaos Theory so far?
Everyone is very nice and helpful and I enjoy talking to everyone on TS.

2) Whether or not you are a long-time MMORPG’er or a newbie, tell us what your ideal gaming community would provide, and do, for you.
Great people to talk to in voice chat, get together do stuff oh and raid… I can’t think of an MMO I didn’t raid in.


1) What, in your life so far, are you most proud of?
I have a great job that I love, great friends that I would do anything for, and a life that is full of adventure. I am not sure if proud is the correct word but I am just happy being me :)

2) What goals do you have for your future, either in-game or real life, or both?
In game – get to max level and play with the big boys
Out of game – travel more

3) What is one challenge you’ve had to overcome recently?
Recently….. I had to move and decided to de-clutter. Getting rid of so much stuff I had collected over the years was a bit of a challenge.

4) What is something about you that many people don’t know?
if I told you then you would know.. :)
Most people don’t know that I am a huge anime fan.

5) If you could visit any country or place in the world that you have not been to, where would it be, and why?
That is a hard one I love to travel and have been to a lot of places… One trip I am starting to plan right now is to spend a week in Japan then a week in Australia.

Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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