by Cherry Phox

 Hello dear readers! Cherry Phox of Chaos Chronicles is here to bring you some fun play time facts.

Just how much play time does one get per day? It came to a rather average number from the total of twenty-seven votes taken. Two to three hours is the winning choice with a total of eight votes. It won out by three more votes compared to the tied leaders of three to four and four to five hours respectively. A total of around four people only seem to get a maximum of two hours! What is really amazing, though is we do have one person who took the poll able to play a whopping seven or more hours per day!

Now just when are these hours of play happening? Well it seems damn near always when the sun is meeting the horizon. From the twenty-five that helped me along to figure this out we shall now see the full results! Leading strong are those that exist past the mid day sun and are able to spy the golden globe drifting down to the horizon. A lovely eleven looking to the sunset as they game. They play and they play down to for the next set of the Chaos Family to hop on. Those that never seen our pretty little warming star and spy only the moon. The over night team with its six living bodies. Strolling and enjoying the after hours. Oddly we had none for the sun rising and the sun floating above. I guess many do have early jobs or just enjoy heading outside for the day. Many, on the other hand, seem to have irregular days, it seems. Playing when the free time is finally there. Eight of our comrades seem to hop on at crazed hours. We will see them when we see them.

Just what day of the week is this all going down? Well we have a poll for that! Twenty-three of you came around and graciously gave us your answers. One can assume one thing from these results. At least fifteen of us are playing daily. You can rest assured that someone is on at some point. Just what day are most of our lovely Chaos Family on one would wonder. I was expecting a weekend to take the top day. Boy was I wrong. It turns out that Tuesday came away with nineteen votes to claim as its own. A more jarring number comes from Monday and Friday. Both days tied for last with fifth-teen votes each. I never say this coming to say the least. Even with so many days to choose from, we still have five members of the family with lives so hectic, they couldn’t just pick and choose.

An eye opener for me personally seeing just when people come and enjoy a game of Final Fantasy XIV. So many playing on such an odd day of the week with a modest amount of time doing so. Nearly all around the evening and heading into the night. My hope is this information will help someone even in the smallest of ways to find others that share a common frame of time. Whenever you play, I hope your adventures are grand, Warriors of Light!


Editor’s Note:  As of the date of this Quarterly, Cherry Phox has moved on to another Free Company.  We wish him all the best, and grand adventures as well.

Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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