Age: 27 Height: 5 fulm 8 ilms Weight: 155 ponze
Nameday: 27th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon, 6a.e. 1545 Guardian: Nymeia, the Spinner

As my main character, Myranda obviously has the most fleshed out story to her. The original Myranda was created for FFXI and had no last name until I needed to create one for FFXIV. Although the two games are in separate universes, I regard both versions of Myranda as the same entity—a sort of female version of myself—sharing a nearly identical appearance between them of brown hair with purple eyes. The original choice basically came down to what I thought was the cutest hume female out of FFXI’s limited choices, and I did a .dat file mod to make the eyes purple just for fun. Her age and height are meant to match my own (though I can’t set height quite low enough on a Highlander: I’m 5’7.5″). With FFXIV’s extra character creation options I added a mole/beauty mark beneath her left eye and from FFXIV 1.x to A Realm Reborn she has changed (read: retconned) from the Midlander Hyuran clan to being a previously unavailable Highlander. In-game, this change to Highlander does mean that her original hairstyle (as drawn and from FFXI) is no longer available to her, at least for now, but with the Æsthetician in FFXIV I regularly experiment with follicular fashion anyways and I can always draw her outside of the game however I care to. Plus I’ve actually grown rather fond of the new haircut. She also happens to be rather well-endowed in the chest department, which can occasionally get in the way, but at the same time she’s not afraid to flaunt her assets to her advantage should the situation be amenable to it.

Personality-wise, Myranda is young and independent with the mindset of taking what she wants, though not (usually) through illegal or immoral action as she still has a sense of honesty and loyalty, especially to her few friends. It’s important to note that her trust and allegiance are earned—not given—and she will not bend her knee for just anyone. On the short side for a Highlander lady, others often assume she’s weak and she strives to show she’s just as tough as not only the taller gals, but is on par with the men as well and doesn’t have to sacrifice beauty to do it. She craves knowledge of all disciplines, even should they be those shunned as taboo by society. As such, she naturally gravitates towards the darker, arcane arts while still maintaining a sword arm leading her to fit into the role of Dark Knight (in FFXIV this will sadly be a tank, which I don’t enjoy playing much as a class so it won’t actually be a main class, but I will level it). If needed, however, Myranda is no stranger to the healing powers of the more divine magicks. Keen to goings-on in the sky both day and night, when Hydælyn’s (FFXIV) red moon Dalamud began to grow in size she correctly concluded early on that it was getting nearer to the planet rather than the popular but inaccurate initial belief of the masses that the moon was physically growing in size. It is particularly apt, then, that her guardian diety is Nymeia, the Spinner and Watcher of the Skies (she was originally aligned to Halone in 1.0 before I knew what I was doing, and I chose a more apt diety for A Realm Reborn). Do not mistake these astrological auspices or skywatching as belief in fate or the power of the stars over our futures: Myranda is extremely skeptical by nature and questions the true nature of the gods and the “expertise” of the Ishgardian astrologians, preferring to follow a more scientific understanding of the world. This can make her demeanor somewhat offputting or force her to hide her true feelings, causing interpersonal relationships to often suffer for it or never take root in the first place. Many adventures are thus taken solo, but those seeds that do sprout hold especially strong and flourish. She is very stubborn and usually believes her way to be the best, only relenting to alternatives after vigorous debate.

In both games Myranda hails from the arid desert regions: the Republic of Bastok in FFXI and the Sultanate of Ul’dah in FFXIV. This upbringing feeds into her personality and desire to obtain wealth and power, with a touch of reverance for the power of science and industry. When something desperately needs doing, Myranda will employ every ruthless tactic at her disposal, as learned from her countrymen. She left her home and family in her early teens to train in junior divisions of the military (FFXI: the Mythril Musketeers, FFXIV: the Brass Blades), not returning home for nearly a decade after her thirst for knowledge exceeded what those organizations allowed or could provide and struck out on her own as a freelance adventurer.

Specific to FFXIV, Myranda’s evidence of her Highlander heritage goes back long before she was born: her ancestors had migrated to Thanalan long enough ago that the family surname is now wholly detached from any Ala Mhigan etymology. However, old habits and customs die hard even if names change and she was raised in the culture of strength in battle, her father Þrymr (Thrymr) regularly taking her to see the fights of the Bloodsands. Around 12, when she was old enough, her parents sent her off to train for the Brass Blades to hone her skills and instill a sense of duty in her. News of the Battle of Silvertear Skies was reaching the gossip-laden streets of Ul’dah at this time as well: many felt the need to prepare for a potential invasion by Garlemald. The invasion abruptly halted after the fall of Ala Mhigo, leaving Eorzea in an uneasy complacency. Realizing after a decade that continued service to the Blades would confine her to Thanalan (not to mention the rampant internal corruption of the organization), Myranda became convinced there was much more to be learned of the world and she left the guard to embark on her solo adventuring career. Growing up in Ul’dahn culture surrounded by merchants also made her quite the opportunist and fashionista (from Eshtaime’s Lapidiaries and Æsthetics and Sunsilk Tapestries, with some encouragement from her mother Cressida: Þrymr won enough gil betting on the Bloodsands to give them a decent life, though far from the richest in the city). After all, what good does it matter how protective your armor is unless you look hot wearing it?? Myr also has a brother, Lycus, who works for the Platinum Mirage.

With the Garlean advance finally resuming in 1572, she saw her chance to act for a purpose and enrolled in the Free Brigade of the Immortal Flames, more to protect her home than to reclaim Ala Mhigo specifically as many other highlanders desire. Her family are too far removed to hold such allegience so closely, and firmly in the Royalist camp in Ul’dahn politics. Although sworn to repel the Garlean incursion, she is fascinated by and holds utmost respect for Imperial magitek technology and would love nothing more than to get her hands on it to research what other uses the advanced machinery may have. If only Garlemald could have sought peaceful relations with its neighbors instead of seeking dominion, what wonders could have been brought to the realm… Despite successfully bringing justice upon the White Raven, Nael van Darnus, the red moon continued to fall and she faced certain death upon the Carteneau Flats when the Wyrmking Bahamut broke free of its prison, until a bright glow enveloped her…

The 5 year discrepency in her listed age vs. her calculated age from birth year is due to being sent away to the future by Archon Louisoix Leveilleur at the Battle of Carteneau.

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