CTC: What was the first video game you ever played?

Elsa: The first one I have a distinct memory of playing was Top Gun, for NES.

CTC: What are some of your favorites games, past & present?

Elsa: Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Legaia, Tomb Raider 2, Tomb Raider (2013), Saints Row (3 & 4), Bioshock Infinite

CTC: What is your preferred platform, PC or console?

Elsa: PC is definitely preferred, especially with shooters and other games where aiming/targeting is important (I’m terrible at it, with a controller). Aside from fighting games, I’m just more at home with a keyboard and mouse.

CTC: Do your friends or family or co-workers know you like MMO’s?

Elsa: It’s pretty common knowledge, and not something I try to hide.

CTC: What, in your opinion, makes a great video game?

Elsa: Immersion and lore/story.


CTC: What currently is your favorite job/class in the game?

Elsa: I enjoy healing, and my main back in WoW was a Priest, so White Mage was a natural fit. In a close second is Black Mage, because Elsa and explody things lol.

CTC: Do you have a favorite race, and if so, why?

Elsa: Hyur midlander. I treat my characters as a projection of myself, so I usually go with the “boring” human type, lol.

CTC: What single job/class, if any, would you like to see added?

Elsa: A “gunner” type class, which is coming in the expansion, so yay. ^^

CTC: What, outside of the above, would you like to see in Eorzea?

Elsa: I’d like for my character to speak, lol. Guild Wars 1/2 and what little I played of SWtOR kinda spoiled me in the regard. It really breaks immersion for me when everyone else has dialogue, and my character’s standing there doing her best Link impression.

CTC: What do you like most about the game?

I can be a bit of an altoholic, so being able to level everything with one character helps curb that tendency.


CTC: What is your impression of Chaos Theory so far?

Elsa: Very happy. It’s been a very long time since been a part of a community that’s so welcoming and helpful.

CTC: Whether or not you are a long-time MMORPG’er or a newbie, tell us what your ideal gaming community would provide, and do, for you.

Elsa: Willingness to help people with content (old and new). And it’s something I saw right from the start, with this community.


CTC: What, in your life so far, are you most proud of?

Elsa: Living on my own, and keeping the bills paid.

CTC: What goals do you have for your future, either in-game or real life, or both?

Elsa: In real life, I’d like to go back to college and finish a degree.

CTC: What is one challenge you’ve had to overcome recently?

Elsa: Getting back home, from Chicago, in a snowstorm. 8hr drive… T_T

CTC: What is something about you that many people don’t know?

Elsa: Let’s just say I prefer female pronouns.

CTC: If you could visit any country or place in the world that you have not been to, where would it be, and why?

Elsa: Norway, for the scenery; Germany, for the beer.

Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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