Nan, born Nanalo Nalo, and her brother Jin, born Jinoki Lolonoki, are the twins of a traveling Uldahn merchant (retired) and a southern seas woman. Growing up Nan was enamored by the tales her father would tell of his homeland and longed to see it with her own eyes. At the first opportunity she boarded a ship for Vylbrand and it was on this ship she realized her destiny. As Hydaelyn herself spoke and the great primal Leviathan rose from the storm Nan was starting to think maybe she had stayed home and become a fortune teller like her mother.

Undeterred, Nan picked up a sword in Limsa and headed east over the waters again to her father’s homeland Aldenard. The journey was not without trial but when she caught her first glimpse of Ul’dah it all became worth it. Initially Nan sought to join the Sultansworn but again ‘destiny’ came knocking in the form of Garleans so Nan, now being quite proficient with a bow, joined the fight against the Empire and threat of Dalamud. Five years later Nan awoke on the outskirts of her beloved city, relieved it still stood proud she resumed her adventures now as a Warrior of Light. She worries for her family back home and wishes she could let them know she lived through the calamity but with her soon to be joining the Dragonsong war maybe it’s better they don’t know quite yet..

Bit of character info- Nan’s loyal companion is named Quequeg. Before Midgardsormr started ‘watching’ her she was accompanied by a wind up Aldgoat her father had given her, Nan loves¬†Aldgoats. She was once in love with an Elezen man. She’s been known to use the magiks of fantasia to glamour her eye color; currently they’re blue, naturally they’re red (she may have also used these magiks to make herself appear taller but that’s currently unconfirmed.) Nan may or may not have a crush on a certain idiot Highlander (again, unconfirmed). Nan does have a platonic crush on the Sultana. Her greatest wish is to fly.. Airships don’t count but the rumors of flying mounts up north has her quite excited in spite of the war.

Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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