A recent post in the Chaos Theory Forums asked the question, “How’d you choose your name?”  Replies came flooding in, with more arriving even as you are reading this article!  With so many responses, we’re going to print them in two parts.  And, if you haven’t submitted your response, why not?

No real reason why I chose ‘Vahlenn’. I had that name in XI and literally i just pulled it out of thin air XD I’m still working on a proper back story (which will be placed on here when its done :sick: ) but apart from that, it just sounded…fantasy-ish. As for Suldar, he was the leader for the ls I was in in XI. Just chose it hoping to bump into any old members when I switched to XIV. So Suldar is more of a remembrance of the friends I had in XI when I played it.But that’s it really. I’m still retconning his name and its meaning, but since I write in my spare time, there will be a reason why…eventually…maybe…someday…
Valkyrie inspired from the valkyrie of norse mythology (i love me some norse, greek and roman mythology) and thanos from marvel comics was on my brain at the time just switched the T with an R.
When I first started out in online gaming I struggled eventually a joke was made that I was the god at dying since I was normally dead more than anyway else. This later inspired my alias deummorse from the Greek words deus for god and mors for death I later change the name to a more english play on words to agoda death “a God of death”. I in turn use the name agoda for female characters and agodo for male but typically play females.
Velvet Jones came about in 1998 at the time Zelda:Ocarina of Time came out. It was my second year of college and I was sitting at the create file screen for the first time. I couldn’t think of a name. One of my roommates blurted out, “call him Velvet Jones!” after the character created by Eddie Murphy in Saturday Night Live. Since OoT only allowed seven characters for a name, I abbreviated it to VelvetJ. VelvetJ became the name for most of the characters I played in video games. When FF11 came out, Velvetj was there. Many people asked what does the J stand for. I usually joked around and said Velveta to Velveti were taken already. It was only until FF14 where we had surnames that I could unleash the power of the Jones on everyone, and finally having a character that was actually called Velvet Jones instead of an abbreviation.Fun fact: There are over 1000 characters whose last name is Jones.
Edge Geraldine is the prince of eblan and a ninja from ffIV.
For the longest time, most all of my on line names were just 1 name, TriGun and added an X or 83 as to still get my name. I was a fan of the anime and in WoW started alts and didn’t want them all TriGun fill in the blank, so my female pally was named Graces. At the time I found a site somewhere that she was a minor god of war (cant seem to find it now). When there was a issue with my toon being hit on in game, I made her a him and came up with the name Taac kinda like it and stuck. So since this game needs 2 names T’aac Graces it was.Also a fan for the name Fayte.
Been using Rissien for years as my screenname and Okazaki is an homage towards Tomoya Okazaki in the anime/visual novel CLANNAD by Key. My chocobo is named Ushio who was his daughter.
In all my other games I used Niawyn (an elf name) but as I was nto playing an elf but started as a lala :sick: I changed Niawyn to a lala name thus Nia Niamu .
Riku was taken from the game Kingdom Hearts. I found the struggle with Darkness he suffered through was very relatable to the struggle with darkness, or the human condition we face each day. Growing up with depression, I felt this was a good fit for a character name. Cheesy, so sue me. Nora, came from FFXIII – I was looking for a last name that would sound like it fit. After thinking for a day or two (seriously, I didn’t start the game because I couldn’t decide on a name) I decided to go with NORA, based on a rebel group dedicated to protecting the people. Riku Nora didn’t quite have the ring I was looking for, so I added “La” to make it sound nicer. Riku La’nora.
Barring my original name in Counterstrike (Coyotegirl), Kleshya has been my gaming name since FFXI. If anyone is a Mercedes Lackey fan and a fan of her Valdemar series then you might have an inkling as to what my name is. I chose the name from one of her clans of Hawkbrothers. It was supposed to be k’Leshya as per her books, but at that time FFXI didn’t allow apostrophes, so I just removed it and changed the capitalizations. Since everyone knew me as Kleshya, I have just moved from MMO to MMO as that name. Now I have the feeling if I changed my game name, people might have fits!
My first MMO was FFXI, wanted a warrior type name, but nothing too obvious or popular… decided on Genghis Khan’s given name of Temujin and his familly name Borjgin.. although for FFXI I used Chinese spelling which is Temuchen, I also use an alt of Kublai Khan which is Genghis’ grandson. My chocobo is Koichi after the creator of the chocobo and my alt’s chocobo is Naiman, one of Genghis Khan’s horses. Other games I have used the same name and other various forms of the Mongol Khan’s. My FC room, and my houses all have a version of Xanadu, which is Kublai Khan’s summer capitol.
I got my name from the evil mmo world of warcraft back when wraith of the lich king came out i made a death knight dps. and i was a troll race. so being trolls in the game sounds like Jamaicans i put daku as the first 4 lets then add maul for darthmaul and thus dakumaul was born. as for my Sir name Charon. that is from Geek mythology and he was the fare-man for Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead. So my name means The dark ferry-man of death.
Cyric is a male human thief from the Forgotten Realms series that in his quest for power he became a god. His thirst for power didn’t stop when he became a god and so he slew other gods adding their power and their followers to his own. He wrote a book designed to drive anyone who read it mad and tried to get other gods to read it so he could spread his influence over them except the book was too powerful.  It turns out he drove himself mad writing it. Here’s a link with a whole lot of information on Cyric himself:http://www.nj-pbem.com/data/Gods/humangods/Cyric.htmI was also reading a lot of Star Wars books years ago when they introduced a character know as Emperor Thrawn. Long story made short he was at one point the rebel’s worst nightmare. No matter what they threw at him he could handle it and any campaign of war that he waged the rebels were always hard pressed to resist. He named his most trusted confidant the “Hand of Thrawn”.My first MMO was Dark Age of Camelot way back in 2001 and I combined names/titles from the above two series to make my name: Cyricshand. Any game after DAoC I just shortened my name to Cyrics and I’ve been using it ever since.

So, I’ve been thinking about this and there is 3 reason why I chose Cephiros.I started playing Everquest back in late 1998 and that is the year I also played Final Fantasy 7. However, I was also into an anime called Magic Knight Rayearth which 3 high girls travel to a world called Cephiro.In addition, I was also interested in Kabbalah, and the 10 Sephirot form the tree of life and how the 10 different aspects of humans//God (simplistic explanation)Funny enough, I started out using Sephiros in my EQ career but I quit, gave my account away but 2 years later I decided to come back but started a brand new account and decided to use Cephiros instead.Phonetically they sound the same. So I’ve been using Sephiros/Cephiros for about 16 years. Hell, I even own the domain.

LOL ok, you asked and this is how it came to be… all true stuff, so painstakingly still in the forefront of my brain’s “RAM” cuz it sucked… here goes! :)2006, or so, I started FF11. at that time, during character creation, my middle daughter happened by and was curious so the entire character and name was made with her input on what she would look like as a blonde grown up. (she was 6 by this time and the issue described below had been over for about 3-ish years, aka she was finally cute! lolHer nickname is Jenkinstien… the short story is, she didn’t and couldn’t be burped until she was near 2 years old, stopped breathing all the time, and had us in the ER 2-4 times a month… until I learned how to do what the doctors were doing myself, then it continued but I just repeated what they did w/o having to drive 90 MPH thru town and get chased all the time. of course all that said she screamed all night every night in pain and it was miserable, the faces and body motions she made and all of the above basically is why I named her Jenkinstien, after the frankenstein monster with a tad of the letters of her real name spiced in. the reason the I and e are reversed is because I was (actually still am but just faster) a 2 finger typer and it was faster and more efficient in my pattern to type the t with my left finger, immediately push the I with my right finger while moving my left finger to the e… don’t judge me, this is how I learned to type…in FF14 I just carried it all over, the original toon was just like the 11 one… the name is the same just split into 2 for the format we have in 14. what u see my toon as now, as of a few weeks ago when I learned the other hume model had different attributes… w/o getting outside of the code of conduct just look at the toon and know all the sliders were set to max setting. I used the fantasia I had from when I came back to ARR on re-launch that they gave to 1.0 returning players, I think it was like in January of this year. now I am a Barbie warrior!Jenkinstien irl, now known as Stine, is 14 and on her way to some special programs in school for nerdy smarty pants’s, and is doing quite well, and laughs at me and her mom when we tell her she used to be a monster.

my 2 other kids actually have equally awkward nicknames with their own stories (not quite so miserable tho) because I am just whacky like that, but ya, that’s the Story behind Jenkin Stien

In FF XI I chose Chameleon based in the Mortal Kombat character. Initial plan was rdm/smn or smn/rdm so that I had all 3 schools of magic and could switch and adapt for the situation. When the server merger came about and we switched from Fairy to Sylph I had to change names and decided on Scorpio (and yes that is my zodiac sign). So after a few years of that I really fell in love with the name so chose it again in XIV. Nightmoon was just something that sounded good as I am a Keeper of the Moon and played around with that concept.
I read and read and read all these fantastic reasons.I just a wee sprout and had two likes in the world. Cherries and foxes.Tried Cherry Fox. Someone had it. Tried Cherry Phox. I win.From then on, kept using it.
I was learning chinese when I was creating my first character. At First I was going to go with Ping’ gua, which means apple, i didn’t like having Gua as a last name, but I did think ping was a cool name. :sick:anyways Mow means Cat in mandarin … … And poof… my characters name was born. :sick:
Incoperated my name with an “ith” rune from diablo 2. Knight is the japanese equivalent of Paladin in the FF series and here I am. You guys have great stories! Keep adding!
When i met my husband on world of warcraft he had a sexy priest named hellsprodigy so after he quit playing mmos i decided i was going to steal his name not much to it been using it for 6 years now haha.
Emirii Mei is just a spinnoff of my real name Emylee Mae. :3
Henaz Don-Elandi is a name I used for my PC (player character, not personal computer) back in the days when I was playing D&D about 12 years ago. Don-Elandi came from the Dragon magazine’s article on elven languages, which translates to Silver Arrow. Yup. I was playing an elven fighter / ranger back then.
My old name in FFXI was Sakeh (like the japanese wine) because I really like sake at the time. It was entertaining because japanese people would be like “oh you party boy? let’s drink ok” Then I changed it to dengo coz’ my old nickname is high school was dingo (due to inappropriate baby consumption jokes) and then changed it to Gundir from a name generator and have stuck with gundir for i think the last 3 years. Rexen is just from thinking of something up in my head. No complicated story. I’m a simple man.
Seito was the name/title of a D&D character I played once – he was a Samurai. Akagi was the surname of a related character. Kinda boring – but there it is.
Let me start with Kharl, as it will explain the root of all my names. I had just started back to playing game after doing development for years. I picked up Asherons Call 2 and created a Tumerok Claw Bearer. I needed a lizard sounding name, and looked at a lot of names staring with qh. I finally ditched the q and MO ed to kh as the root, and Kharl was born.
I have used Kharl, or some other kha root name kharne, khassious, khaos. And for females I use Kharael, kharne and of course kharen, of which h my main is in ffxiv.
It’s just a name I came up with… because Bane was taken when Fairy was merged into Sylph, so I had to rename Bane. I came up with Kharo. When XIV launched, Hadakkus was the surname I came up with for Bane. Combine the two… I decided I liked Kharo better as a name anyway, so I relegated “Bane” to an alias/nickname that my character had gone by. So my name would more properly read Kharo “Bane” Hadakkus. When ARR came around, I got the chance to rename Bane Hadakkus to Kharo. Much better.
S’era Phemi is derived from my FFXI character name, Seraphym, which in turn came from the word seraph/seraphim.
I don’t exactly recall why I named my XI character that. Possibly it was because I was reading Piers Anthony’s Incarnations of Immortality series and/or Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet. Angels and demons and such were elements of both.
Amusingly, the name S’era Phemi ended up matching the naming conventions for Seekers of the Sun entirely by accident. I didn’t look into any of that until after I’d created her.
I happen to really like Latin words, so that’s where mine came from. Viridis means green in Latin and it’s a name I’ve used for multiple games. Our last name (Alunasol) is something Night and I made up so as to have the same in-game last name. It’s also Latin (luna = moon, sol = sun) with an A tacked on the front to make it sound better.

The name Zepheris [Zeh-fur-es] comes from the anime Scrapped Princess (Sukurappudo Purinsesu (SUTEPRI)) where the character Zepheris (or Zefiris) is referred to as a dragoon/dragon. It is not an original name, but I became attached to the character because I felt I could easily relate to the character, finding similar characteristics reflected in myself. Zefiris is solemn, calm and quiet, and first appears as a mysterious character who shows up whenever the Casulls are in trouble and often gives them helpful advice. Zefiris appears to be something like a cosmos guardian (Peacemaker) due to her strange abilities and unfazed demeanor. I even picked up Kendo, which is Japanese fencing, that follows the teachings of samurai sword fighting and learned that I had been naturally following the way of Bushido my entire life without even knowing it (maybe I will post a picture of me fighting in my kendo gear).

Tatsu means many different things. The main purpose of the choice was that it could mean “Sign of the dragon” or “Dragon”…though it also means other things completely unrelated which makes it confusing. I kept the name even though I was tempted to change it a few times.

I chose to switch from my original nickname “Chester” (“Chesterine” in Warhammer) because I was a large name in games such as Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory (I, or Chester, was a major name for the Jaymod addon with being 1 of only 3 who had access to the sourcecode of Jaymod) and Warhammer Online (Chesterine who was a fairly well known Sorcerer). I have no qualms over the name, and I still use it to this day, I just thought it was time for a change for an online gaming name. I received Chester as a nickname over 15 years ago while working in a restaurant, and I had no idea how popular I had become at work until people started talking about “Chester from that restaurant” in High School on a regular basis as if it was this really cool, awesome and crazy guy without ever actually knowing it was me. The nickname stuck for many many years until I started playing FFXIV 1.0. Even in early FFXIV 1.0 I was referred to as Chester until FFXIV 1.0 fizzled out and I broke ties with the old online gaming name.


Okay, so funny story. I was listening to the Icewind Dale trilogy audiobook (can’t remember which book specifically) while I was scrubbing the grill at work with a brick and I thought “Hey, Grillbrick would be an awesome name for a dwarf!” and then I just meshed it with Drillbit Taylor (a movie I enjoyed even if it was a bit childish).

The story behind my name: I joined a Harvest Moon forum without any intention of sticking around long so without any real thought I used the name ‘Nana’ (it was the title of a manga a friend and I were really into at the time.) I ended up joining a “fan club” for a character in the game and for the next three years I was known as Nana. I actually heard about XIV from a friend in the club and since it was because of her I was playing I decided to keep the name, but at the same time I didn’t want to use it because it sounds like something you’d call your gramma..

When I started the game I was hellbent on playing a Miqo’te but none of the characters I made really stuck.. So just for fun I decided to roll Lalafell and again gave her what I considered to be a throwaway name since this was just beta I’d be playing Miqo’te in the final release. You can all see how that panned out.

Nan shares her surname with my all time favorite video game character Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia. Coincidentally there is also character named Nan in that game; so while it wasn’t intentional my name turned into a reference of sorts to another of my favorite games.



To be continued in the Summer Issue

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