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If you are reading this, then you have either finished finding all the bits of yet again NEW gear by endlessly obtaining something in order to buy/craft them OR endlessly running the same dungeons yet again in hopes of getting them literally dropped into your hands, OR you are taking a break from that task.  I recently came across an in-game conversation in our FC chat box that contained a comment which rattled me to my core.

Let me start by stating some facts: (1) I am not a 10-year veteran, or veteran at all, of FFXI; (2) I am not a Legacy player, I got onto this server because I played the Beta version and fell in love with this FC, which I still am; (3) Although I have been playing since Beta, not one of my 8 Hyperion characters – or any of the 12+ characters I have on other servers – is above the level of 22; and last but not least (4) I have not ever done a dungeon in this game.  Ever.  I don’t want to do Party Finder, I’d much rather begin with members of the FC – and that day is coming soon, I hope.

The comment, friends, was this: “What’s up with the influx of crappy new players?”  The comment was directed at players the person was grouped with via Party Finder.  Remember that PF pulls from all servers – even those that aren’t “Legacy.”  There are players who, no doubt, are unskilled, players who are newbies, and players who are both unskilled and newbies.  Yes, playing with those people can be frustrating, and exasperating.  Be patient with them.  One day soon, when they’ve power-leveled to ilvl 1500, they might save your ass.  But for that evening, this CT member’s party was wiped, and he/she was upset.

Remember that with each patch and expansion, there is a massive advertising campaign whose purpose is to draw yet more brand new players into Eorzea.  And that SE is going to keep this MMORPG alive for many, many years to come.  And that means more new, inexperienced players.  I’m sure the CT member in question was just trying to obtain the final whatever to complete the set/make the set/craft the set of the newest ultimate weapon/armor/gear/thingamajiggy.  I sympathize, I really do.  But I think of it this way: Every time we start a new patch or expansion, we are ALL newbies once again.  So, instead of complaining, why not write down the player’s character name, and ask him or her what server they are on.  And if you have advice on how they can better their performance, offer it in a non-confrontational, nonjudgmental way – say, send it to them in a private message on the Lodestone.  Avoid sarcasm, endless blame bashing, and do not insult their intelligence. Offer them the advice you were given – or wish you had been given – once upon a time.  I think it might just make a difference, in a very positive way.

I’ve also read comments where players were called “retards” –  so, let’s stop the name-calling.  My sister has Down’s Syndrome.  If you’re a CT member who uses that word, did it ever occur to you that CT has members who are mentally or physically challenged?  Words alone cannot hurt someone, unless they are words that have a history of being used as abusive insults.  You have the right to your opinion – but if it contains slurs of any kind, say it in a linkshell and not on the Free Company chat channel.

Read our Charter. We’re Chaos Theory, and while we may not be perfect, we are good people!

Robotrek (aka Catfish Waterdancer and 7 other alts) 5/01/15


Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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