This last quarter has certainly been an exciting quarter indeed!  We have had an explosion of new members, and our membership roster has risen and broken the one hundred member mark! Way to go guys!

Static Update

We have also had 2 new statics form up, Team Fenrir and Team Trojan.  Team Fenrir is a reunion of sorts from many of the old members of Team Chaos, plus some new recruits.  They are an extremely talented and dedicated group of players, and we are proud of them all!  They have ferociously dug their way through the ranks of SCOB, with a T9 victory just a week ago or so.  Congratulations Team Fenrir!



The newly formed Team Trojan has been making waves recently too.  The newest of the statics, they have quickly decimated Turn 5 and Turn 6, and then turning their attention to the Primals, they have conquered Ifrit Ex, Titan Ex, and Leviathan Ex within an extremely small time frame.  Very impressive for a newly-formed group of people, working with each other for the first time!  Way to go! Here are some videos of their different victories:

Team Kupo, under the heroic leadership of a one extremely good-looking Sod Ransom, along with his band of elite, fiercely attractive gaming phenomenons have also been tearing Coil up, getting victories in both T6 and T7, and in an expert display of awareness and gaming acumen they even cleared T8 the same night they cleared T7! That is…until they realized they had accidentally queued for T3 instead of T8. They were kind enough to descend from their cloud on high, and interact with us mere mortals for a few seconds to let us take a quick screenshots:

Team Kupo

At the T7 clear after-party:

Kupo T7 win

Help Squads

After a great suggestion from Jenkin Stein, we have also attempted to form up some help squads. Help Squad Alpha and Help Squad Beta are making it their mission to help whoever needs help with whatever they need help with! If you’d rather take on content with your own Free Company rather than a bunch of strangers in Party Finder, simply sign up on one of their threads in the forums, which are both stickied at the top of this section here: Help Squads At the Top


We also had a wonderful Christmas Party, which was hosted by Nyena Nosidam. We all gathered together in the snowy winter wonderland Coerthas, and played a little Hide and Seek, trying to find VJ in the snow. Afterwards we all came back to the house to enjoy some warm drinks, great company, and a Secret Santa Gift Exchange!


During the Halloween season, Nia Niamu hosted a little Halloween party and Costume Contest! There were a series of different categories and the winners were Jenkin Stein for most Outlandish- (he dressed as a fool) and Aland as the most creative (he dressed as the Pope)!


You can more pictures of this event here.

Wedding Announcements

We have already had two weddings within the FC. TW and Vik made some vows, as well as some acrobatic love making:

Efren and Anastasia looked resplendent in their greens and blues -

We are looking forward to celebrating the Eternal Bonding ceremony with many more in our FC as well! Noctura and Lenus, Lore Highwind, Nightshade and Viridis, and Nyena and Tulaq are all keeping an excited vibe going in the FC as we eagerly anticipate your happy moment! Tell us where you’ve registered and we’ll be happy to have a gift opening party!

Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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