Lenus Portrait

CTC: What is your favorite food/snack to munch when playing FFXIV?
Lenus: Cereal usually. I’m a rather notorious cereal killer, that I am.

CTC:What is your favorite music or artist?
L: I’ll usually get into Avenged Sevenfold or Dark Moor when I’m in the mood to listen to music. I like tons of singles from bands like skillet, 30 seconds to mars, 7 doors down, sonata arctica, and other rock/punk/metal music that has a magical and empowering feel to it.

CTC: What is your favorite movie?
L: It’s hard to pick out favorites :/ … I suppose I would say that I really enjoyed… uh.. hmm.. damn favorites! :P. Frozen I guess.

CTC: What is your favorite book(s) or what are you reading now?
L: Unfortunately I don’t read books because all of my time is taken up by video games. Not good, I know :P.

CTC: What is your favorite TV show?
L: Anime. Noctura has really gotten me into anime. There’s several that are just plain out of this world awesome that I’d love to watch again and again. Sword Art Online would be one of them. Not Gun Gale Online though. Havn’t watched it yet. Waiting for English version :D

CTC: What do you do for a career?
L: I’m a computer tech/master chef/ninja… yeah.

CTC: If you could be any char in FF what would you be and why?
L: I always thought that I would want to be Squall from FF8. I don’t see many other options throughout that games that would best suit me. I thought Shadow from FF6 was bad ass but I wouldn’t see myself in his shoes.

CTC: What is your favorite FF game?
L: Probably Final Fantasy 8 followed by 6 and then 10. I like the older ones ^^.

CTC: What is your drink of choice while playing?
L: I’d have Water or Earl Grey tea probably.

CTC: If you are not gaming what is your favorite thing to do (passion)?
L: If I’m not working or out, I’m usually always with Noctura doing something, talking, watching movies and of course, gaming co-op style ^^. And Cooking. I’m a master cook. I use my expertise as a ninja to do really cool ninja cooking moves and critical hits. Hya~!

CTC: Tell us something funny about yourself.
L: I like the sound of a knife or a sword making the whooshing noise when swung and cutting air. Gives me tingles all over! @_@

CTC: What was the main draw for you to play FF14: ARR?
L: I didn’t want to play Warcraft anymore and I joined Noctura in FFXI too late to gain much of a lasting adventure from it so I came to FFXIV begging for more! Unfortunately 1.0 sucked bawls and we had to wait for ARR to come out. Was blown away from that point on :D

Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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