Snow falls softly in the towns like magic in the air, and the energy of the holiday season touches the thoughts of many. Colorful and bright decorations light up the night like stars. The residential areas of the world this year were alive with adventurers fulfilling the dreams of Eorzea’s youth, running through the yards with festive snowmen and presents all around, the Starlight trees of sparkling diamond and emerald green visible from far away like fallen wishing stars.

Starlight Decorations

Chaos Theory free company was spreading Starlight spirit at home with the warm fireplace, and welcoming meals always on the table to warm the souls and stomachs of a weary adventurer. Holiday wallpaper and wreaths decorated the walls, and visitors admired Casa Del Chaos as they came seeking our tree’s wishes.

Welcome Home from CT

Many thoughts and wishes danced in the minds of Chaos Theory members as they ventured through the days of the celebration. Christmas attire was on the rise, and new styles made the scene this year. Some of us were happy with these new outfits, some preferred the past, and some wanted more options. The existence of the sugarloaf hat was questioned as well, (picture not included as courtesy to viewers eyes) as it’s creator must have had far too much holiday wine or spiked eggnog during its creation. The price of red dye began to rise as the event rolled towards the 25th, and each day the residential districts grew livelier, and more colorful as more homes began to jump into the holiday event. Wishes of Christmas lights for houses danced in the minds of residential wanderers. How grand it would be to see an entire block of homes lit up next year! More outfits, and more housing items, wishes of more item prizes and less gil purchases. Adorable holiday plushy toys and perhaps an indoor Christmas tree would be welcome additions.

Starlight Styles

A Holiday Party took place in the free company this year. This journalist was not able to make it to the party this time, but has since heard many happy words and good memories that made a home in the minds of the members as they recall the snowman hunting event, playing hide and seek, and the feeling of seeing one another light up upon exchanging and receiving special gifts. This Holiday party only added to the desire for more holiday activities, and as it came to a close, many still wanted bigger and better things, with stars in their eyes as they dream of what could be in the holidays to come. From large Festivals, brighter yards, and more involved and complex quests, Chaos Theory FC will keep the dreams going. New members and old shared this special time together, and will continue to hold the spirit year round. We all hope for the Gods of Eorzea to hear our wishes for the future, for there is no holiday like a Chaos Theory Holiday!

Holiday CT Party Card

We all look forward to the improvements of next year, and hold close the memories of this special year we shared together, as we use this spirit to ride into the new year, I hope you had a wonderful Starlight Celebration.

Happy Holidays from Noctura

Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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