The Chaos Theory Chroniclers would like to extend a special farewell to a core member of our family: Carolus Fune.  Many of us come and go, and good bye’s are just a part of the game, but Carolus’ departure is one that will affect a vast majority of our family.  As such, we thought it fitting to leave a special thank you and farewell note here on the Chronicles, a body of writing that Carolus was always eager to read and comment on.  So in Carolus’ own words, this is a touching story of his last moments in Eorzea:

Carolus huffed a sigh as he mailed the last message to Catfish. His spirit was bruised from seemingly countless days and nights filled with indecision about the choice he had to make. The choice to stay in Eorzea, or to pass through the Veil. SHE has beckoned for a long time, until her consta.

With unfocused eyes, he glanced towards the double oak doors of his Free Company stronghold. His retainers, having been released from service, had already said their goodbyes before disposing of their linkpearls. What little he had left to give had been dispersed among friends and for use by his comrades-in-arms.

The distinctive smell of chocobo and fresh fertilizer drifted by on a cool night breeze. With a moment’s thought he changed into his leatherworking gear, proof against the moist chilly air surrounding the property, but not against the musky odour of 103 chocobos. Wrinkling his nose, he walked down the entrance to Casa de Los Chaos for the last time, carrying his purpose and a promise of transport to where he felt himself being pulled.

The roar of the neighbouring waterfall cascading over limestone rock carried over the FC house. It’s presence stayed with him as the house began to recede into the distance behind his back. A last look over his shoulder saw it spectral and looming through an encroaching mist common to the houses around the falls. Waiting for his old home to completely disappear from his sight, he gathered his will and focused on the aetheryte at Fallgourd Float. In an instant he was gone, with a flash and the tinkling of gil coins.

His movement through the aether and reappearance in front of the aetheryte was unremarked by those fellow adventurers surrounding it. The grounds were tinted by the blue glare of the massive revolving crystals. In this light, he called out to his travelling companion Baobob. The direwolf’s form appeared underneath him in a fury of coarse hair, rippling muscle and tense sinew. With a whisper Baobob leapt forward towards the Ixali camp north-east of the ‘Float, his last port of call here on Eorzea…

The rest is for Carolus to tell if he is ever allowed back.



(Editor’s Note: Our story-within-a-story, ‘The Legend of Carolus Fune,’ will be continued…)

Carolus, from the bottom of our hearts, we will miss you. Good luck in all your endeavors. May your hearth ever be warm, may your belly always be full, and may you make lots of gil wherever life takes you. Farewell my friend.

Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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