A Starlight Memory – Final Fantasy XI Christmas
I can remember in the days of old,
A Christmas memory that’s never been told.
A Vana’diel Christmas story to share
With Chaos Theory FC; all the good people there

FFXI Starlight Celebration Artwork












My name is Noctura Nyx and I live in Gridania, in Hyperion world, a new member of Chaos Theory Free Company. I am the reincarnation of a mithra from the old world, named Akkasha. I have many dreams of memories of my past life, and this Christmas I had a dream. A memory of a Starlight Festival long ago. Perhaps it may help warm your hearts for the Holidays. :)
I awoke in my Mog House to the sounds of my moogle singing a cheerful song. He was excited about the Holidays, and celebrating in his own way. With red fluffy hat and sparkling eyes, he asked me if he could visit his family for the holidays. I let him go, but I would miss him. The holidays were to be lonely for me that year. No friends or family to visit, and no holiday cheer to share. As I watched my moogle depart, I went in search of Sandorian Starlight decorations to liven my spirits.

FFXI Xmas Trees

I sat at the fountain in my red attire, and took so many pictures of the trees and decorations. I danced until sundown and set off fireworks long into the night, until the day of the festival arrived. The world was mostly silent that day, with everyone seeing family and on holiday vacations. I listened to the music, and began to fall asleep as the lights danced in my darkening gaze.


FFXI Bastok Decorations
I was startled awake by the sound of many footsteps. As I searched for the source I saw many people in red suits running towards me in organized lines. All of them were decorated in garments of red. They began running in circles around me, so many of them. I began to emote in confusion and surprise, unsure of what this crimson christmas army was doing. One of them stopped and made a bow. A familiar person that I had known for years. He was happy to see me, and his followers all began to dance and emote in joy.

” Akkasha! We are spreading Holiday Spirit throughout the towns of Vana’diel. I see you are wearing red. Would you like to come with us and help?”
I was so surprised and happy to get this invitation and immediately accepted. My old friend then handed me 5 million gil. “Wow, what is this for?” I asked.
“We are going up to people that are in the spirit of the Starlight Festival and giving out presents. Give 100k to every person that is wearing a holiday hat, or wearing all red. Say ‘Happy Holidays!’ and if anyone answers, give em the gift. You keep 100k for you too. Sound good?” he said with a pat on my shoulder. I beamed with delight. It was completely unexpected, and exactly what I needed. My spirits began to soar as I ran through the towns with these happy people. I watched the cheers, and claps of people I gave gifts to. More and more joined in, and we were soon in numbers around 40 people, all in red, flooding the towns with our happiness. It was so much fun, and my friend list grew much bigger that day.

FFXI Xmas Crowd

Near the end of the day, we all gathered in Jeuno to say our goodbyes, and disband our parties. As we were about to go, my old friend calls attention. “Ok!! Get ready! Count to three and then go!”
I was so confused. I had no idea what they were talking about. Close to 15 people stood around me in a circle. They began shooting off tons of fireworks and clapping and cheering. “Happy Birthday, Akkasha!” said many of the happy people. My eyes welled up with tears as I watched them. My birthday falling on such an important holiday, it was not often it was remembered by others. This would be a starlight celebration, and a birthday I would never forget. Thanks to the wondeful people of Vana’diel. The same ones I am seeking still.
I know we have moved on to new lives, and I no longer know your names, but I will never forget all of the amazing things I experienced with you all.
Wear your red outfits, and fluffy hats, Chaos Theory family! Hug a nearby moogle and share with them too. :) In honor of all the wonderful memories, the strong community, and the bond that we all share. Our ability to create memories together in this magical place. Happy Holidays, everyone, and may your days be full of warmth and joy today and always. ^-^
~Noctura Nyx

Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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