Resurrection: Chapter 2
Written by Vik V.

Floating in the breeze, gulls cry overhead while the not-too-distant sound of waves can
be heard competing against the rocks for territory. Shards of sea-soaked wood and steel are strewn across the shoreline, reflecting the light of a newly risen sun. A solitary body lies among the wreckage. His hand slowly sweeps the ground, savoring the sensation as if feeling the grit of sand for the first time. Eyes open calmly in the hand’s direction, witnessing its discovery. He stops and looks toward the sky. Eye’s widening and gasping in disbelief, he shoots up. “I’m… I’m alive.” he mutters before succumbing to the shock of it all. The eyes shut as head and shoulders are reunited with the soft earth beneath him.

He awoke to the sound of strange voices and shuffling echoing in the distance. Gradually,
he finds his feet. With his eyes struggling to cut through the night, searching for the source of the commotion, he stumbles forth along the beach. Finally, he spots a lantern, then a pair of large men. Knowing not whether they be friend or foe, he drops to a knee behind a nearby tree and observes. “Scavengers.” he whispers with distain to himself as they rummage through an unfortunate ship’s remains.

The thought of overtaking the men crosses his mind, though he quickly recognizes that he
is still far too fatigued for such an encounter. Dismissing the crew and abandoning hope of rescue on this night, he rests his back against the tree. His armor, growing increasingly heavy, had to go if he was to survive on the island. Detaching his now rusty, broken spaulders, they fell to the ground and he began to pull off the weighty hauberk.

As he lay the hauberk down, the crimson tabard shifted, loosing a piece of folded parchment.
Curiosity piqued, he picks up the letter and begins unfolding the page when, out of the corner of his eye, he catches a silhouette moving within the forest. “A third scavenger, how could I have overlooked the possibility?!”, he thought to himself and before he could hide from the figure it spoke. “Well, well, what do we ‘ave ‘ere…?” said the figure in a menacing tone as it approached, “Spyin’ on me lads are ye’? That’s not very polite…”


He stands and slowly turns to face his would-be assailant. “My aim is to leave this place,
be it by polite means or not.” he stated, “I have no quarrel with you or your men but if you intend to start one, know that I am prepared to finish it.” The man stepped out from the shadows bearing a devilish grin. He was only just taller, though much wider, with leathery skin of a pale blue color. The beast of a man gave him a look over and began to chuckle. “Are ye’ now?” he said, “Looks like the sea’s ‘ad her way with ye. Chewed ye up an’ spit ye right out on this rock, she did.” Letting out another chuckle he beckoned to him, “Let’s ‘ave it then, show me all ye’ve got!”


Tucking the letter in his belt, he took a half-step back and inhaled slowly. Clutching his fist for
lack of a proper weapon, he charged the man, who stood motionless with arms crossed. His blow connected, square in the jaw, yet the man didn’t budge a single hair. He fell to the ground, panting. Looking down at him, the giant spoke, “Ye’ve spirit lad, but naught an onze of bite in ye. We’ve a use for survivors in our line o’ work an’ ye seem the type. Come with us an’ we’ll get ye fit t’ face me again. What’s ye’r name?” He looked up at scavenger, confused by his offer, and, once his breath was caught, said “Call me Sand, for that’s all I know of myself or whence I came.”

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