He awoke to a voice. “Hear…” the voice said. His eyes opened, yet he saw nothing. “Hear…Feel…” it called again. With those words, he began to feel but not in a physical sense. No, intangible, he was naught but a specter, it seemed. Paralyzed by a wave of emotion, chaotically swirling inside with no means by which to escape, he heard the voice yet again – “Hear… Feel… Think…”

Burry at first, colors and shapes began to take form. As his vision became clearer he saw the vast emptiness that surrounded him. An endless abyss occupied only by flakes of light, dancing as they fell past. A strange calm washed over him as he scanned the void for what felt an eternity, searching for something, anything, until finally it appeared. A shimmering ball of light surfaced in the distance and slowly began toward him. Feeling nothing in that moment but curiosity and purpose, he moved toward the mysterious orb without hesitation. Only a few more steps away now, it came to a halt and, simultaneously, as if instinctual, so too did he.

A moment pasted of complete still, it was as if the two were gazing upon each other like love long-lost. As they lingered there studying one another he couldn’t help but feel something was amiss, this…thing, it was not truly amiable. But still he stood, staring into the white.

Suddenly, the orb began to quake, it knew it had failed in its deception. As it shook it grew dimer and dimer, darker now than the nothing that encompassed it, spewing streams of purple haze and growing ever more violent in its convulsions. His only company in this place then exploded into a pitch black orifice, a welcoming gateway threw which he would not cross. Knowing this, the void within sent forth an agent of its own to retrieve him. A red-masked figure, cloaked in black stepped forth and as it reached for him he was enveloped in a blinding, white flame.

As the light in which he bathed dissipated he took note of a strange new garb now covering his previously bare form. Its color matched that of the dark blue space around him and reflected the falling specs of light abound. Spikes like lightning bolts protruded from every corner and the helm he now donned narrowed his vision as if to guide his focus to the task at hand.

Turning his eyes back to the cloaked figure, he was filled with courage imbued by the light. Then, with a single hand, he reached into the nothing above him and grasped a passing flake. In naught but an instant this particle of light transformed into shining weapon. Its shaft was long, allowing distanced strikes to leave him in the safety of the light, and it was fitted with a head sharp enough to pierce the darkness before him.

And so it began. The figure urgently lunged forth upon seeing the newfound strength in his adversary and, in a sole, swift and fluid motion, the lance was brought down, aimed with infallible precision at the center of the villain’s red mask. Just as the two neared, the light returned yet again, this time drowning the whole of the abyss in a sea of white.

Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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