Greetings all!

It is our pleasure to announce that we are establishing a new rank into the Free Company hierarchy, the Contributor rank.

This rank’s purpose is to acknowledge members in our Free Company that selflessly take time out of their gaming schedule to contribute items for the house, garden and Free Company Chest in response to the needs presented by the Maven and Gardener. Keeping a Free Company afloat means that there are several things which need to occur in order for us to enjoy the benefits of having a garden, or new furniture in the house, or a chocobo stable, or whatever it may be. These things are consistently provided by a few of our members who do so out of generosity towards the FC, and they do it without expecting anything in return.

The benefits of the Contributor Rank will include premier access to the 2nd tab of our Chest, which will have high level crafting items among other special treats. It will also include sole access to the Crystals in our chest.

We’d like to take this time to give three of our members special commendation, by bestowing this inaugural promotion. While there are definitely many of you who have responded to the requests for help from the Maven and Gardener, these three members have done so with such a regular consistency that we wish to give them the spotlight, and really show our appreciation for their efforts. These members are:

  • Carolus Fune
  • Jenkin Stien
  • Tulaq Nosidam

Thank you for your contributions to the Free Company! The three of you have very much risen above and beyond the call of duty with your helpfulness and generosity, and we’d like you all to know that we’ve noticed, and are extremely grateful!

In the future we will be extending this promotion to others in the Free Company, (there are actually a few of you that will be receiving it in the near future), and if you’d like to be considered for this, please feel free to approach any of the leadership and let us know. We acknowledge that there are times that it might seem we have a lull in our need for new items, or that you have wished to contribute but someone beat you to it. But by simply making yourself available, asking how you can help – if we need anything, and doing so with regular consistency will help you stand apart for consideration. You can also approach any of these contributors and ask to be included in their gathering parties, or to simply participate in their conversations about how you can help.

It is our vision that every member would be given a promotion to that of Contributor. Our dream Free Company is one in which all members are taking time to contribute whatever it is that is being requested, and we are always striving for ways to encourage our members to be thinking of things of that nature. But it is also our vision that every member of this Free Company is able to play this game with a sense of freedom, without some overhanging sense of guilt that if they don’t meet a certain performance standard then they’ll be punished somehow. That’s ridiculous, and we do all that we can to walk the line between encouraging participation, and letting you all simply enjoy the game. This is what we are hoping the new rank of Contributor will accomplish. And this is what makes these three members all the more remarkable – they have taken it upon themselves to contribute without any guilt or sense of obligation trickling down from leadership. So with that being said. Congratulations you three and thank you!


Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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