So here we are, one year into FFXIV:ARR.  This game has definitely captivated my imagination, and I find it to be quite a wonderful escape to look forward to every evening.  The storyline, graphics, characters and detail have created a wonderful world in my opinion, and it makes me so excited to think about all the things we have yet still to look forward to.  Looking back where we’ve been, and where we are now, the feelings that are pre-dominant in my mind are those of thankfulness and gratitude. We’ve been so fortunate to collect together the group of people we have today who all seem to share this same vision of making a community, and doing all of the things that are required for that to happen.

Running a Free Company is an interesting thing, because a lot of it is like running a business. There are certain administrative things that need to happen that range from the really basic to the more advanced. These administrative tasks are responsibilities that the leaders and staff take on and just accept that it’s all part of the job. And that’s where the interesting part lies. “It’s all part of the job.” The key word being job, and that is exactly what this shouldn’t be. A part of the vision we have is that we all need to remember that this is a game and should never turn into a job. And yet, without certain things happening our FC would be one of those that shrivel up and die. We have members who have stepped up, and accepted a little bit of “Work” as part of their daily routine, and I am so incredibly thankful for all of you.

I see all the time people posting in forums, on Facebook groups, or wherever, that their FC has died. Usually it’s because they have leaders that disappear, members who get bored and leave, and no new members coming in. And this is why I feel so lucky to have met all of you. Mustering up the required motivation to perform these administrative tasks is sometimes extremely easy, and sometimes extremely difficult. But we have somehow miraculously gathered together enough people that when one person is suffering from lack of motivation, another is there to pick up the slack. Also, the sort of tasks we are able to take on goes way beyond the basic category, and this is what lots of other Free Companies don’t have. We can do things like keep a garden going, release a newsletter, have regular frequent contests, parties, etc etc. It is because of the willingness you all possess to take on a little bit of the job aspect of running a FC that we are able to do all these things.

You all bring something to this FC. Some of you take on more responsibility than others, and that’s just fine. Day in and day out, some of you perform tasks that to some are boring, but to all are necessary. I was going to write out a list of some of you who I have noticed taking on more responsibility than most, and I’m just terrified of leaving someone out. But, that is exactly the problem with having a group of people that contribute without an expectation for gratitude, isn’t it? We can’t tell you how thankful we are! This is exactly why you all are such an amazing group. There are so many of you that just give, and don’t make a big deal out of it, you just give because it’s your nature, that I don’t even know about it. I would hate to make a list and leave you out. But I want you all to know though how much you are appreciated, and it is because other FC’s don’t have people like you that they die and fizzle out.

It is because of this, that I think of the people in this FC and am just overwhelmed with gratitude. How did we get so lucky to have you all in this FC? Thank you for making this a great year, for establishing us as a premier, highly ranked Free Company on Hyperion, and here’s to another year of getting to know each other that much more, as well as luring as many amazing people into this FC as we can.

Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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