Greetings All!

As fall drags on, we are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of patch 2.4. This patch will not only release the brand new ninja and rogues job/classes, but it will introduce the final coil of bahamut as well as much much more!

Life in Chaos Theory has been extremely relaxing and enjoyable. We’ve had weekly Syrcus Tower runs, and while it’s always fun to get together with the group, I’m sure everyone is chomping at the bit for some new content for FC’s to do together. We also have had some fun and exciting contests, including the Private Room Design Stars contest, and the fanciest Chocobo contest! Thank you to all who participated in those activities.

We have two Coil groups now who are meeting regularly, Team Kirin and Team Kupo. Both are doing great, and really exemplify the non-elitist types of players who make this such a great home. Team Kirin has almost got Turn 6 down, getting the rafflesia down into single digit percentages. Team Kupo has almost got all of it’s members through Turn 5, and hopes to start Turn 6 very soon! Both teams are full, but if you would like to be considered as a sub for either team, simply PM Sod, Vik, or TW.

The Free Company house, chest, and garden have all been steadily maintained through the tireless efforts of Nyena and Temujin. They both have relied heavily on contributions from many of our FC members, so thank you to all who have helped them keep the garden and house running!

Here are some things that Staff and Leaders are currently discussing:

1) How to continue to keep a Free Company atmosphere vitalized and energized despite this game giving Free Company’s nothing to do as a whole, and Duty Finder making solo play extremely accessible and easy, thus giving players no incentive to rely on a Free Company for anything other than social interaction, and some Free Company buffs.

2) How to encourage people to use the forums more.

3) Recruitment. We are constantly refining and analyzing our recruitment strategies.

4) FC Credits – we need to come up with a way to start gaining credits each week instead of losing them.

5) Social events – We are always trying to come up with different types of contests and events to draw our community closer together.

If you have any ideas/comments/questions about things the FC should be focused on, we are always eager to hear it! Please just let any staff or leader know, and we’ll give your idea due consideration.

Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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