To celebrate the sunny days and sultry nights of summer, Casa del Chaos has been transformed into a veritable beach condo, suitable for frolicking adventurers, preening pirates and training chocobos. The tropical decor derives from Limsa Lominsa, Eorzea’s treasure trove of exotic, possibly stolen, luxuries that would not look out of place on the deck of a tall ship. Note the stone, dalamud red exterior and graceful palm trees.

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A rare Carbuncle Garden Bench and Table next to a sparkling Tidal Wavesoul Fountain is a perfect spot for cocktails festooned with little umbrellas. Of course, you’ll need to overlook to the barnyard odors from the recently added chocobo stables.


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Upon entering the house, it’s hard to miss the blue and red Riviera Floral Wallpaper. Beneath your feet is a Square Tonberry Rug. This treasure was crafted from homegrown jute! Welcoming visitors and residents is a luminous Carbuncle Light. Like the Carbuncle Garden Bench and Table, this piece features rubies polished to a gleaming glow with mythology purchased by Emery. All of our Carbuncle furniture was crafted and donated by Temujin.


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The mysterious Wanderer’s Palace is one of the crown jewels of Limsa Lominsa, so it is only fitting that Casa del Chaos feature furniture bearing the likeness of the revered Tonberry King. Many of these items are crafted from hides from the elusive blue fox. Notice the detailed carved tonberries on the chair and table legs.


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Instruments crafted from rare materials by skilled artisans adorn the first floor of the house. Please note that the orchestra was relocated to the lower level after these pictures were taken. We also received a Timpani Drum post photograph. Many thanks to Temujin and Carolus for their craftiness and donations of tomes of mythology that made our orchestra possible. Activating the instruments at the same time creates a song of surpassing beauty!

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The lower level of Casa del Chaos is home to our pirate pub. Here adventurers from all walks of life can enjoy a hearty meal cooked on our own Cooking Stove or a groggy brew served by our very own Junkmonger. He’s somewhat vertically challenged and refuses to use a step stool, so he is not visible in the photograph.

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Upstairs is home to our Riviera themed bedroom and bath. Both are perfect for remedying any ailments you may have picked up while raiding on the Rhotano Sea or too much time spent in our pirate pub if that’s the extent of your scalawag ways! Be sure to enjoy our kawaii collection of plush animals as your drift off to sleep in our cozy Riviera bed.

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Chaos Theory is a Final Fantasy 14 Free Company on the Hyperion Server. Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly home free of elitism that provides its members a structure in which to participate in all Eorzea has to offer.

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