Real Life tends to be less structured than life online. This, however, is a good thing. It allows time to handle the unexpected. A car needing repairs needs to be fixed, asap. It is not as reliable as an ageless chocobo. You need real money to fix real life things, unless you have a group of folks you barter with for services. MMORPGS are a nice escape from real life hassles, but real life is still there, waiting for you, when you log out.

I’ve read posts where players bemoan the fact that it’s so much easier to earn money in-game than it is in real life. But where hard work, talent, and master craftsmanship are concerned – I tend to believe you can make money doing what you love – whether it’s something you create, or in skills and services you can provide. It might take more time and be more complicated, involving people with marketing skills, bankers, real estate or shipping, perhaps a middleman or three, and sweat – but the basic laws of buy & sell still apply. Supply & demand, etcetera. I’ll bet – in real life – if you put as much thought and effort into doing what you truly love, whether it’s making jewelry or creating an App, as you do into winning a turn in Crystal Tower, you’ll make more money. It goes without saying that by doing what you love, you’ll be happier, and healthier.

This isn’t exactly the Letter I’d planned on writing for this issue – but it needed to be written. As you make your way through this new patch – one of several dozen planned over the next 5 years, I’m certain – take your time. Nothing is sadder to watch than someone speed-racing through an RPG. I’ve seen too many comments about “when’s the new patch?” and even “I’m so bored.” The care that has been put into FFXIV:ARR’s visuals is astonishing. You can almost smell the Azeyma roses. A few of you are fighters only.  Try some of the many non-battle-oriented activities. If you’re truly bored, there is always real life. And real roses.

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July 17, 2014



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